Course: The BrandFlow Method

Course: The BrandFlow Method


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Established businesses: Sometimes you’re so close to the day-to-day that you need someone to swoop in and help with a fresh set of eyes. You may want to take this course if you aren’t making consistent sales, have tons of work but no extra bandwidth, aren’t sure if your brand is making the right impact, and need some personal support. Future business owners: get started on the right foot, and avoid the common pitfalls that stop new businesses from success. Even if you decide to tweak things later, you can market yourself with confidence — and a supportive community to match. Remember, we’re all in this crazy business world together. Doing it alone can suck, and you don’t have to.



You will go from idea to execution in 90 days. This course will launch Sept. 22, 2019. We’ll be doing this together, in a done-with-you manner, meeting in a private zoom meeting weekly. Each call will be recorded for you and distributed to all course attendees. Homework will be given for each module, with fill in the blank frameworks. Email homework directly to Kalen. We go through logo design, web design, messaging and more. You get personal feedback in a group environment.

The general breakdown of this course is below, but this is just an overview, not all-inclusive:


Step 1 – 90-Day Roadmap


Step 2 – BrandStorm 

One huge brain dump that will become an organized strategy as we work through each element. Personality, services, current revenue, future goals, brands you love, researching competitors, and more.


Step 3 – Ideal Client Avatar

Who is your ideal client? How does your product or service help them with their everyday problems? How do you solve that? How would you tell them? We go deep and break it all down. You may have more than one.. so we’ll spend two weeks on this.


Step 4 – Offer and Pricing

We’ll explore signature offers – what they are and why you need one. Your product offering will affect your positioning and vice versa so we’ll dive into all of that during this segment.


Step 5 – Brand Identity

This can be the most fun and the most challenging. We’ll create a simple logo, review color palettes, and talk about how to integrate brand archetypes into your unique online presence.


Step 6 – Process

Customer service, new client onboarding, roads leading into your website and communications, brand guide and usage.


Step 7 – Digital Presence

Everything from creating your website to setting up your social media. We’ll spend a lot of time here.


Step 8 – Client Flow

We’ll dive into setting up a system that brings you a flow of clients, and we have experts who can help if you need a done-for-you approach.


Step 9: Launch Your Biz

The final countdown! Launching your new website, product, service and then maintaining it longterm.