A tale of two brands

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A tale of two brands

A woman with BIG goals

Working with Ayofemi Foster was a blast. She is fearless, funny, and has a huge heart for helping people. She hails from the island of Barbados, and served in the U.S. Marine Corps. She comes across as super creative, but with a very practical side.

Her brand archetype is “sage.” Also known as the scholar, expert, detective, thinker, teacher, mentor, savant, and philosopher, the Sage seeks to understand the world in analytical ways, processing reality with logic and wisdom.

The Sage seeks nothing but the truth. Whether that truth is uncomfortable or heart-rendering, it will be accepted, as the only meaningful path in life is one that pursues truth.

Her coaching style is down-to-earth but never sugar coated, and her clients appreciate her thoughtful insight.

Partly due to her roots in the islands, and her time in the service, she grew to love travel because it opened up a window to other cultures, societies, and new ways of thinking for her. She thinks more Americans should travel, especially in minority communities where historically it hasn’t been as common.

Her businesses:

Trying to position a business that helped people with debt reduction and financial planning, and weaving travel consulting into that proved to be one thing too many. As we worked through her archetype, brand story and revenue sources, we quickly discovered that the two needed separate assets, while still staying consistent in look and feel.

The Final Approach

We developed sister websites, with the imagery from a full day shoot, and we kept her color palette the same on both brands. To be consistent, we leveraged the same Carribean-inspired color palette, but switched up the site colors and images.

Now, her travel site is a place for all of her fun travel stories, videos and blogs to be shared. The travel site links back out to her finance consulting business, and vice versa. In this way, she can market each brand separately while still being her authentic self and attracting the right clients to the right pathway when they discover her online.

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