Wag Nation

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Wag Nation

Tallia and her mom Alda are such fun people to work with, and their adorable store had everything under the sun for furry children — but no recognizable brand.

When I had my first meeting at their store, there were some elements that stood out. They had a black and white checkered floor, and their products were super colorful.

They’d worked with several people to get a logo made, but nothing stood out. I asked them if they were working with someone who did strategy as well as design before, and they had not. I knew I could help them.

Having a mother-daughter team in charge was fun because they had very different ideas about colors, and what looked good. However, they agreed on two colors – salmon and a light blue. They also LOVE french bulldogs, so we had to make that a focal point.

Not only was their store well known in the community, but they were in a great location. The big issue – their storefront was set back from the main street so if you didn’t see their signage just right, you’d miss it. We worked to change that too.

We developed the tag line, color palette and initial concepts, then built out from there. The fun colors, vibrant store and super fun owners made it all come together.

The feedback on social media has been fantastic, with lots of people in love with their new look and feel.

Their website launches soon and we can’t wait to share more on their progress.

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