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We know how expensive it can be for small businesses and sole proprietors to assemble a full-blown marketing team – and then you have to pay workman’s comp, understand HR issues and more. To have a hassle-free experience, our team can come in as independent contractors to assess your needs, goals and vision.

We can develop a strategy – or – we can train your team on the basics so your existing staff and spread the work out until you can hire internal marketing team members.


  • Creative marketing and branding expertise from someone who is well-versed in your industry and culture;
  • Expertise in communication and training of employees regarding marketing and branding of the people and the products;
  • Expertise communicating with management and boards of directors;
  • No long-term engagement required, so that parting of the ways is not a human resource issue;

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Marketing has gotten a little bit more complex, leaving people confused, and searching for HOURS on how to set up a website, write content, what social channels, what makes it easier to do all this, etc.



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