Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Your Competition

So, you have a business idea, a plan, some money saved up and you are ready to take your show on the road!  Er.. well, maybe the Internet and local events 🙂 Perfect!

BUT THEN — you scroll through some social media news feed and your friend posts something. She just launched HER business and it’s almost identical to yours!!

Let’s start over reacting [because we all do sometimes, don’t we?] —

How could she do this? Did she know about my idea?? Crap, we have the same friends and relationships, she is gonna take my idea and sell to all our friends and nobody is going to buy from me or talk to me or …. AHHHHH!!! What the heck! I quit, my idea sucks.

There have been times in my past when I’ve lived under a dark cloud of comparison. It left me paralyzed and frustrated. I thought that maybe I was inferior to someone else and that was why I struggled. I thought maybe I was not likable, and that was why, or maybe I didn’t have all the right hook-ups, blah, blah, blah, blah…..

But that ended when I realized my worth, and I know that I am the ONLY me in the world. I was created for a given purpose and no one else can duplicate the way I do it.

Imagine there’s a little devil on one shoulder, and a little angel on the other shoulder, whispering in your ears. One says, “You can do this! You are awesome! You are brilliant, and you need to reach those you were meant to serve!!!”

And the little devil starts SCREAMING and throwing a fit. He says, “You are too late. Nobody wants what you’re selling. Look at her or him, they are so much better, just give up it’s okay no one will care.”

RIGHT NOW IN THIS MOMENT —> Flick that little devil off your shoulder and forget out him. That is right, dump that negative whisper and make that angel the dominant voice!

I have personally worked with HUNDREDS of entrepreneurs in the last seven years and guess what? The ones who are overly concerned about everyone else are the ones who are miserable and often don’t make it.

Here is what you do: make a plan, do what you are strong at doing and outsource the rest, believe what you do is valuable for someone out there and make a commitment to find those people who need you.

There are SO MANY opportunities to be had. Imagine that you are starting out brand new in as a hair stylist. There are tons of hair stylists already, both expensive and cheap. Both price points have fantastic and not-so-fantastic stylists.

But some of the best ones are SUPER FUNNY and SUPER FUN and bring their own personality to the job….. and maybe that is YOU!!

What is the difference? Mindset – and your unique personality. Can you do what you do with excellence, and will someone else pay you for it? Then just do it!

No friend, family member or naysayer will stop what you are purposed to do in your life, that is just a fact of this earth we all share – look at some of the most successful people in the world and how much they went through to reach their highest points! They were meant to do what their hearts kept telling them to do and they didn’t give up. 

Unless you are Microsoft vs. Apple, your competition is never going to slow you down — unless you let them. Go kick butt today and don’t look back!!

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