Freedom, Faith, Commitment Make This Nation Great


This morning, as I see July 4th postings popping up all over my news feeds, I am reminded of faithfulness. I have been working in military media since 2003, and I started my company in 2010.

In five short years, I’ve seen a lot. A lot of coming and going of organizations, people and ideas that were never followed through. Some of their ideas would have helped thousands of veterans – if not hundreds of thousands – if they remained faithful to the idea and carried it through. I have also seen organizations that are moving mountains because they did remain faithful – against all adversity.

Without faith, and a whole lot of commitment, the road to “success” can get lonely.

I wake up every day at 5 a.m. to get as much work done as I can before my beautiful little girl wakes up around 8 a.m. There are days when it gets to be a grind, but I can say with 100% conviction that I love what I do. In a country where we celebrate freedom, I was able to choose how I make a living so I could be a work-at-home mother.

There are women in some countries who are sex trafficked, put to work in factories, or forced to marry people at an early age. I get to choose.

Leaders come and go, and freedoms can be taken away in an instant … we must remain faithful to the idea that our country was founded on sound principles. We need to stick to our ideals, and never forget that not all people in the world enjoy the things we enjoy.

I’m proud of this country and those who serve it faithfully.

So, unplug from your devices this weekend … don’t even read or watch one news story, and enjoy your time off. Eat a hot dog and hug your kids.

Remember, there’s someone far away from home right now, who is limited to a care package and an email from you, and they would love nothing more than to be enjoying this weekend here at home.

Have a love-filled Independence Day, and Thank You for your service faithfulness.

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