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How to DO Taxes: 5 Steps for First-Time Filers

By CraigZabojnikUSAA Content provided courtesy of USAA. It’s natural for first-time income tax filers to feel anxious, but it’s best to relax and take a deep breath as you prepare for the April deadline. “Think of it as a financial recap of the year and realize many people get money back,” says Bob Meighan, vice president […] Read more…

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Is Your FB Image Hurting Your Business?

We all know that when Facebook first came out, it was only seen as a social network for connecting with friends and family, or sharing silly photos and experiences. All of us saw it as a very personal and private space for sharing. Fast forward to today, and we are aware that everything and anything […] Read more…


What does your brand say about you?

People think of a lot of different things when they hear “brand”. Some of my fave lady friends think of Nordstroms or Coach when they think of brands. My business friends often think of companies like Coca-Cola, Wal-Mart and Disney who are internationally recognized. But what about individuals? Have you ever seen someone walk into […] Read more…


Are you working in your strengths or skills?

For the last six years, I’ve been laser focused on the military community. My brain has been flooded with articles, videos and studies on veteran transition, veteran owned businesses and how to support this amazing community. I’ve loved every minute of it.  So why was I so burned out? I began taking inventory of my […] Read more…


Freedom, Faith, Commitment Make This Nation Great

This morning, as I see July 4th postings popping up all over my news feeds, I am reminded of faithfulness. I have been working in military media since 2003, and I started my company in 2010. In five short years, I’ve seen a lot. A lot of coming and going of organizations, people and ideas that were […] Read more…