My Story

I help small businesses attract ideal clients through killer copy and targeted public relations efforts, with a solid marketing strategy to back it up.

I help small business owners, just like you, tell their story and build relationships through well-written copy.

A well-crafted book, email, media pitch, social media posting, press release, etc. —  matched with the right photo or video — will naturally attract your ideal clients. I work with individuals and teams to create content that drives engagement, improves brand reputation and celebrates your unique story.

My custom solutions have lead to sponsorship opportunities, media coverage and more…

Because we’ll work closely together, it’s best to know a bit about me before we work together and I can’t wait to learn about you!

I am a wine lover, and foodie, I mean – who isn’t?

For ten years, I served in the Army Reserve with a deployment to Iraq under my belt.  I absolutely adore the military community — which also contributes to my love of the WWII-era and the patriotism it inspired across the globe. I celebrate that through my nonprofit, Pinups for Patriots, Inc., and I try to incorporate vintage pieces in my wardrobe on the regular!

Life is too short to worry about making people happy — except my clients — they need to be super, extra, over-the-moon happy with all of the work we do together 😉

I got your six.


My Bio & Experience

Kalen Arreola is an award-winning PR and Personal Branding Expert. When it comes to helping small businesses increase sales, Kalen is the real deal. Kalen has 15+ years of experience as a PR strategist, marketing and communications professional.

While serving 10 years in the Army Reserve, Kalen trained the Army’s top leadership of Colonels to 3-Star generals on the art of conducting a media interview.

As a consultant for V-Wise NATCON, she helped three women hone their pitch, and each took home one of the top four prizes, including the TOP prize for NavyRackPacks.

She has been featured as a spokesperson on NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox News as well as radio stations and web portals like, and

She was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for meritorious leadership in Operation Iraqi Freedom as a Public Affairs Officer, and lead a team of journalists to earn the Keith L. Ware Journalism Award for the Army’s top Field Newspaper.


Other stuff about me …

#1 – I love Meyers-Briggs tests – and I’m an ENFJ

Hello, I’m Kalen and I’m an ENFJ. This helps me learn about you in a way that comes naturally. Our first few calls will be like chatting with a friend about your business goals and who you are, along with who you want to attract (ideal clients).

According to my super-accurate internet searches, here is the deal with ENFJs 🙂

ENFJs are very tuned in to what others are feeling and they genuinely want those they care about to be happy (this means you). This can often manifest into a form of generosity that has earned this persona the nickname “giver.”

The ENFJ’s excellent communications skills and personable aura make it easy to not only talk to others but to strike up conversations with complete strangers – and leave them thoroughly charmed.

“Givers” have a highly sensitive ability to pick up on what another individual is feeling and can usually get a person to open up with ease. The “giver” is a very charismatic and passionate speaker who has the ability to mesmerize others.

[when we talk I’d love to know what Meyers-Briggs type you are, it’s so fun!]

#2 – I run a nonprofit called “Pinups for Patriots

Our charity started out as a small project, but after six+ years of growth, we took the nonprofit plunge to better serve our military and first responder community. We now have chapters all over the USA and we see so many amazing things happen through this group! Our volunteers are wives, veterans and patriotic Americans who support our nation’s heroes. It’s fulfilling and FUN!

#3 – I ran the Army Ten Miler three months after I had my daughter.

Okay, this was not my finest moment. I had not healed from having my baby girl and I came in almost dead last. My body was in pain for DAYS after that. Needless to day, I did not run for a while after that experience.


So far, I have only been to Italy, England, Aruba, Antigua, 42 of 50 US States, Kuwait, Iraq and I once had a layover in Ireland [I don’t think that counts]. Anyway, I’m always into going somewhere new, so if you have any travel recommendations, shout at me on Twitter!

#5 – My daughter is my sidekick.

You’ll often see her hanging out at events or traveling with me and I love her comic relief! She is sometimes the subject of funny memes because her knack for silly faces is just too good to keep to myself.

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